American Public Media and Minnesota Public Radio Produce Coverage of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media are dedicated to ensuring you have the latest news, resources, guides and tips to help you stay up to date on the coronavirus pandemic. From regional coverage collections to in-depth reports and critical data, you can find and share our coverage online. 

As their months-long Color of Coronavirus project continues, APM Research Lab now includes an age-adjusted analysis of the race and ethnicity mortality data their staff collects and analyzes from across the country. These new figures paint a more nuanced — but equally fraught — picture of the toll COVID-19 is taking across specific communities in the United States. Adjusted for age differences in the groups, Black, Indigenous, Pacific Islander and Latino Americans all have a COVID-19 death rate of roughly triple or more White Americans. The data is available for all states to guide policy and community responses.

MPR News produces a daily a.m. newsletter and a podcast. You can also find key information such as the Minnesota mask order FAQ, info within the stay-safe order FAQ, a spot to submit your questions plus much-needed tips for parents. Don’t forget to share your experience!

The COVID-19 coverage collection from Marketplace provides global and personal perspectives, producing not only the numbers, but the human voices behind the stories. Whether it’s about the housing market, supply chains, or how businesses are doing business during this unprecedented time, Marketplace has information you need.

The coronavirus pandemic represents the greatest challenge to American higher education in decades. Some small regional colleges that were already struggling won’t survive. Other schools, large and small, are rethinking how to offer an education while keeping people safe. APM Reports explores how institutions are handling the crisis, and how students are trying to navigate a major disruption in their college years. Learn more about COVID on Campus from APM Reports.

Call to Mind Mental Health Resources are online. You can find ways to manage your health and well-being during COVID-19.