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(ST. PAUL, Minn.) April 12, 2012 – After an extensive national search, American Public Media’s Marketplace announces four new hires for the Wealth & Poverty Desk. Krissy Clark, senior reporter, is joining Marketplace from KQED where she is the Los Angeles bureau chief for California Report. Joining the Desk as reporter is Shereen Marisol Meraji, a business and economy reporter from KPCC. Rounding out the team are associate producer, Jolie Puidokas, former associate producer for Marketplace Morning Report and assistant producer, John Ketchum, a reporter from WCMU in Mount Pleasant, Mich. The four new hires will be staffing the Desk by early May and will report to Celeste Wesson, senior editor for the Wealth & Poverty Desk.

“I can’t wait to see what this talented, diverse team comes up with when they start working together,” said Celeste Wesson. “They have the curiosity and creativity to delve into economic data, and to translate their reporting into compelling stories about how the wealth gap affects our lives, at all economic levels.”

“The realities of wealth, poverty and the country’s growing income gap shape the world we live in, and yet they are subjects that can be loaded or hard to talk about,” said Krissy Clark. “I hope our reporting will help shed light on the forces behind these issues and make them dinner table and bus stop conversation.”

Clark is an award-winning journalist and documentary-maker, whose work has been featured on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, the BBC and Marketplace. She was on the founding staff of American Public Media’s Weekend America and is founder of

“I’m excited to tell stories that move the conversation about the wealth gap beyond the numbers 1 and 99,” said Shereen Marisol Meraji.

Before joining KPCC, Meraji was a producer at NPR’s Day to Day and All Things Considered as well as a freelance reporter for NPR.

Marketplace launched the Wealth & Poverty Desk earlier this year with a grant from the Ford Foundation. Using Marketplace’s signature style, the Wealth & Poverty Desk explores the human impact of the wealth gap and creates a thoughtful conversation among Americans from different classes, races and walks of life. To explore some of the critical reporting already produced by the Desk, visit

Marketplace has a number of successes in recent weeks, from Kai Ryssdal’s interview with President Obama, to Rob Schmitz’s revealing reporting about a recent error-filled story on This American Life, to the formation of our groundbreaking new Wealth and Poverty Desk. To find where you can tune-in Marketplace in your area, visit and click on “Local Air Times.”

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