American RadioWorks Announces Documentaries for Fall 2008

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American RadioWorks Announces Documentaries for Fall 2008

Lineup Connects Listeners to Issues Important to Upcoming Presidential Election

(St. Paul, Minn.) September 22, 2008—American RadioWorks,® the award-winning documentary unit of American Public Media, today announced its fall lineup of documentaries. The four new innovative documentaries will provide audiences a deeper understanding of some of the important issues facing the 2008 presidential election.

Fall 2008 Schedule:

September 25—”Pueblo, USA” (Part of “The Real Face of Poverty,” American RadioWorks’ sustained coverage on issues of poverty and opportunity)

The wave of immigrants from south of the border has forever changed America. Big, coastal cities have absorbed immigrants for decades. But today, immigrants are changing the culture and the economics of cities and small towns nationwide. In the South, a small town adjusts to its deepest cultural change since the Civil Rights movement. And in a Midwestern city, a neighborhood is reborn when immigrants move in—but the rebirth comes at a price. “Pueblo, USA” shows how the immigrants are both a boon and a burden to their new communities.

October 2—”What Killed Sergeant Gray”

American RadioWorks investigates the mysterious death of an Iraq War veteran and uncovers new allegations of detainee abuse. This powerful documentary follows members of a U.S. Army unit and their struggle to come to terms with what they did, and didn’t do, in Iraq.

October 9—”After the Projects” (Part of “The Real Face of Poverty”)

Around the country, public housing projects are crashing down. Once, the projects were a symbol of hope. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted them to be places for workers and immigrants, people he called “the deserving poor.” Starting in the 1970s, neglect turned public housing projects into ghettos of concentrated poverty and violent crime. Now, in the next public housing “experiment,” Chicago is replacing the projects and moving residents to mixed-income neighborhoods. But there won’t be room for everyone. And a new home may not mean an escape from poverty.

October 16—”Campaign ’68”

The dramatic 1968 presidential election was a watershed in American politics. For half a century, the Democratic Party had dominated the political landscape. But in 1968, it crumbled. Richard Nixon was elected president and a new era of Republican conservatism was born. Some say 2008 may be the end of that era. “Campaign ’68” will reveal to contemporary listeners the remarkable resonances between these two landmark political years, and how the events and consequences of 1968 help us better understand the 2008 race.

TUNE IN: The documentaries will broadcast on public radio stations nationwide. Check local listings for availability.

WEB SITES: The documentaries will have companion Web sites at, which include audio, transcripts and links to additional resources.

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