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Kids Science Podcast Brains On! Launches its Kickstarter Campaign

Saint Paul, Minn.—February 16, 2016— Brains On!, a science podcast for kids, says it’s time to nourish the neurons. Today, the podcast launches its 30- day Kickstarter campaign with a $48,000 goal. Developed out of passion for science and a realization that no science podcasts for children existed, public radio reporters and producers from Minnesota and Southern California created this engaging and educational audio experience for children.  Now, the show wants to expand its reach and create even more unique, science-minded fun for kids of all ages.

With $48logo,000, Brains On! will be able to recruit more kids across the country to participate as “kid co-hosts”,  create original science-themed songs and produce a National Parks series that explores the coolest facets of some of the most important parks in the country.

A typical Brains On! episode runs about 15-25 minutes, making it perfect educational entertainment. Listen to it on road trips or while shuttling kiddos to and from soccer practice. It’s a great pre-dinner companion, reward for a job well-done or one last bedtime story. Each show answers a question submitted by listeners and invites a “kid co-host” to help find answers by interviewing an expert like a food scientist, a meteorologist or a veterinarian. There are also songs and stories, the “Mystery Sound,” and the Brains Honoroll, where fans around the world get a special shout out. All these elements blend together in a highly produced audio experience that kids love (and their curious adults think it’s pretty special too).

Here’s a sample of the enthusiasm listeners have for Brains On!:

“My son, Eli (from Dunlap, IL) just LOVES Brains On! and sharing all the fun knowledge he learns from the show! He has a question for the show: “How did people keep food cold and fresh before refrigeration?” Thanks.”

 “A big High-5 from Zoe and Otto in Nottingham, England. Your podcasts have been helping us enjoy our car trips in the last few months!”

 “Jasper is a huge Brains On fan. We were so inspired by the baking podcast we decided to try our hand at making bread!”

 “It is the perfect mix of silly and kid friendly but it is also extremely informational! It is full of kid sized definitions of somewhat difficult scientific ideas with the occasional vocabulary word thrown in. It gets us to talk to each other about interesting and creative things.”

Tune in and nourish your neurons and then help Brains On! nourish its neurons during the next thirty days. Like our Facebook page or seek us out on Twitter and Instagram (we’re @Brains_On on both). Your support will help bring Brains On! to more kids and allow the show to continue creating fresh fun content that will enrich kids around the world.

About Brains On!

Brains On! is a partnership between Minnesota Public Radio News (MPR News) and Southern California Public Radio (SCPR). MPR producers Molly Bloom and Marc Sanchez and SCPR science reporter Sanden Totten co-created the show in 2012. They have produced nearly 40 episodes and can be found on iTunes, Stitcher and streamed at