EMC Publishing Ties American Public Media’s Marketplace® Segments to Its New High School Economics Program

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EMC Publishing Ties American Public Media’s Marketplace® Segments to Its New High School Economics Program

(St. Paul, Minn.) June 6, 2006 — EMC Publishing and American Public Media announce the release of the Marketplace® Audio CD and Activities Book. The innovative teaching package offers 25 lessons tying 25 segments from Marketplace, American Public Media’s award-winning daily business and economics news program, to portions of EMC’s new high school economics program. EMC developed the Marketplace materials to support Economics: New Ways of Thinking (copyright 2007), by Roger A. Arnold, professor of economics at California State University San Marcos and author of several best-selling economics textbooks.

The Marketplace® Audio CD and Activities Book contains a high-quality audio CD of Marketplace segments on current events of interest to high school students. The CD is accompanied by a 129-page book of teaching activities written by Joanne Benjamin, an award-winning secondary economics teacher. Each activity provides background information and discussion questions to help teachers relate a Marketplace audio segment to a chapter or section of the textbook program; an extended learning activity that challenges students to expand their understanding of the topic; and one or two student handouts.

"One of the most challenging aspects of this project," says EMC Publisher Bob Cassel, "was trying to pick just 25 segments from the Marketplace archive. The shows are interesting and informative, and provide classroom teachers with intriguing lead-ins to their daily lessons on such economic concepts as supply and demand and international tradeóconcepts that are not inherently of high interest to the typical secondary student."

The materials in the Marketplace® Activities Book support both individual and collaborative learning through a wide range of teaching strategies, including reflective questions, research and writing assignments, crossword puzzles, debates and games. Teachers will find complete teaching support, including optional approaches and answers to questions and exercises.

Although created to be used with EMC Publishing’s Economics: New Ways of Thinking, the Marketplace® Audio CD and Activities Book may be adapted for use with any high school economics program. Teachers can present the audio segments and activities to introduce key economic concepts, reinforce students’ understanding of economic principles and help students extend and apply their knowledge of economics.

EMC Publishing and American Public Media have forged their association to bring teachers this unique resource for motivating students to learn economics. Equally important, they have done so to connect students with economics in the real world and to open a window to lifelong learning and application of economic concepts.

"We couldnít be more pleased with Marketplace being chosen as a content partner for the New Ways of Thinking economics textbook," said Tim Roesler, senior vice president, Sales, Marketing and Distribution for American Public Media. "The show’s mantra has been ‘business news for the rest of us,’ which meshes perfectly with the goal of educating young people about economics. The use of digital audio, and the latest-breaking economics and business news will help to make the course interactive, engaging and fun.î

For more information on the Marketplace® Audio CD and Activities Book, including samples of the audio segments and activities, see the description of EMCís Economics: New Ways of Thinking at www.emcp.com.

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