Field Work Podcast Presents Discussions by Farmers, for Farmers

ST. PAUL, Minn., April 17, 2019 – A new podcast will soon bring together two voices in agriculture to host honest conversations about sustainable agriculture, what works and what doesn’t. Field Work is co-hosted by two Midwestern row-crop farmers and will feature farmers and other guests from across the agriculture industry every week, beginning with the May 1 premiere episode.

While there are many different voices talking about sustainable agriculture, this podcast focuses on ensuring that the voice – and the lived experiences – of agriculture producers stays front and center.

With this podcast, The Water MainAmerican Public Media’s initiative to build public will for water – will seek to promote frank conversations on what works and what challenges farmers face in pursuing sustainable agriculture practices to benefit water and soil. 

In addition to being available on all major podcast platforms, Field Work episodes will also be available as videos on YouTube. A trailer is now available here.

The Hosts

Field Work’s hosts have firsthand experience in the world of farming and have a strong interest in the continued longevity of their family’s land.

Zach Johnson is a fifth-generation family farmer from central Minnesota who farms 2,500 acres of soybeans and corn alongside his father. More than 200,000 YouTube subscribers recognize Johnson as the “MN Millennial Farmer” due to his wide-reaching channel that chronicles his daily experiences in the field and around the farm.

“Farming is more of an art form than it is hard data, so reading about conservation practices is usually much easier than implementing it into your family’s farming operation. Changes to practices are typically not simple and inexpensive, so they have to work with a farm’s current situation,” said Johnson. “We’re looking to approach this topic of conservation with an open mind and see what new ideas are out there to help us be the best conservationists possible, while also making good management decisions for our farms.”

Joining Johnson behind the microphone is Mitchell Hora, a farmer and young entrepreneur from Washington, Iowa. Hora’s family has farmed in the area for more than a century and has placed a strong focus on conservation. In addition to growing row crops with his father, he owns a consulting company focused on soil health and hosts a podcast with the same focus.

“There are so many variables that farmers face in the growing season, and I’m excited that the Field Work podcast will provide new resources so farmers can logistically and economically improve their farms,” said Hora. “Zach and I are looking forward to bringing in guests who can share their experience working with the land in ways that promote healthy soil and water. The best scenario is to monitor short-term gains, while working towards long-term productivity improvements and success across our farms.”

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