Following Supreme Court ruling, American Public Media recognizes necessity and support of free press in full-page New York Times ad

ST. PAUL, Minn., June 27, 2019 – With a full-page advertisement appearing in this Sunday’s issue of The New York Times, American Public Media (APM) will highlight the important work of the free press and thank those who support journalism locally and worldwide.

The ad comes after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of Flowers v. Mississippi. APM’s investigative group, APM Reports, reported on the Flowers case for more than a year in Mississippi for the acclaimed podcast In the Dark and – among many revelations – uncovered the district attorney’s past and present practice of racial discrimination in jury selection.

The court reversed Flowers’ conviction on Friday, ruling that the prosecutor used racial discrimination in the jury selection for Flowers’ most recent trial.

Key findings from the APM Reports’ investigation were included in the case presented to the Supreme Court.

Released in May 2018, the second season of In the Dark has been downloaded more than 24 million times and was honored with the George Polk Award, a prestigious award that emphasizes investigative journalism, and the first of which to be granted to a podcast.

In the ad, APM emphasizes the necessity of financial support for news organizations everywhere to ensure that people always have the power of a free press.

“We wanted to show our immense gratitude for those who support the free press and help us investigate and share these stories,” said Dave Kansas, APM’s executive vice president and chief content officer. “This ad is also our effort to remind news consumers of the incredible amount of time, resources and energy that go into keeping all of us informed.”

The ad’s message reads:

Facts are powerful. So are you.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a controversial death penalty case on June 21, deciding that a district attorney racially discriminated during jury selection. The decision overturns a man’s death sentence.

APM Reports uncovered critical facts about the case and brought them to national attention with the second season of In the Dark, the first podcast to be honored with a George Polk Award.

This is the work of investigative journalism. This is what it can do.

American Public Media is proud to contribute to important journalism being produced worldwide.

And we want to acknowledge an important aspect of this work. Investigating and reporting important stories is expensive.

It takes talented people and a lot of time to find hidden facts. Your support brings them to light.

You make independent, fact-based journalism possible. You sustain this work by supporting your local public radio station and public media programming, by subscribing to your local newspaper and by valuing a free press committed to finding the truth.

Thank you.


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