Give Future-Jobs-O-Matic! A Whirl to Discover Your Job Forecast

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Give Future-Jobs-O-Matic! A Whirl to Discover Your Job Forecast

Interactive Tool Crunches U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Data to Identify Prospects for Over 250 Careers

Visit to See How Your Current, and Dream, Career Stacks Up

October 27, 2010 – (Los Angeles, CA) – In an effort to understand, and translate, the ever changing economy, American Public Media’s Marketplace dug into the numbers from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics to create the interactive web tool Future-Jobs-O-Matic! Designed to identify which jobs are, and aren’t, viable in the future, users are invited to choose their current or goal career path to see how they might do.

The Future-Jobs-O-Matic tackles in a fun way the biggest topic of the upcoming midterm elections; jobs, what jobs are in demand, and why. By clicking on each career, ranging from air-traffic controller to health educator to woodworker, users can identify exactly what the profession entails, the job outlook for the next decade, median income, an informative synopsis of future prospects, and a humorous and insightful “fortune”.

The Future-Jobs-O-Matic! also runs down quick top ten lists to uncover the fastest growing, shrinking, highest and lowest paid jobs in the market. Hint: registered nurse and truck driver are featured in the same list. Some interesting facts: both home health aides and elevator repair professionals have great job prospects ahead; while jobs in data entry and printmaking are on the decline.

Along with the Future-Jobs-O-Matic!, Marketplace is running stories all this week about the sustainability of the US jobs market: how this recession is different than those of the past, what skills will be needed by tomorrow’s workforce, and specific careers that are on the rise and fall ñ like fisherman and children’s fitness instructors.

The Future-Jobs-O-Matic! is the key to your career of the future ñ try it out! Find the job you have ó or the job you want ó and the Future-Jobs-O-Matic! will give you the facts.