Hit podcast “The Hilarious World of Depression” Launches New Season

Media contact: Jen Keavy

Hit podcast “The Hilarious World of Depression” returns for a second season with frank, moving and yes—very funny—conversations with comedians, authors, actors and musicians who have struggled with depression. Hosted by veteran public radio personality John Moe, the new season will feature 20 conversations with some of America’s favorite celebrities about their struggles with mental illness.

The new season kicks off with actor, blogger and writer and Gen X icon, Wil Wheaton; comedian and social justice activist Margaret Cho; actor, comedian and author of newly released book, “Recovery,” Russell Brand; and New York Times best-selling author John Green. Additional guests this season include Wayne Brady, Neal Brennan, Julie Klausner, Aimee Mann, Gary Gulman, Reggie Osse, Patti Harrison, Jenny Lawson, Neko Case, Janelle James, Rhett Miller, Zoe Kazan and more.

 “We were flat-out overwhelmed by the response to our first season. So many people reaching out to tell their own stories, to share the journeys they’ve been on, and to have a laugh or two. Or three. Sometimes four or five. And just getting those conversations going is so good for everyone,” says Moe. “For this season, I’m talking to more comedians as well as authors, actors, and musicians to bring even more perspectives into the conversation.”

Named “Best Comedy Podcast” by the 2017 Webby Awards, “The Hilarious World of Depression” has received accolades by numerous media outlets, including TIME Magazine and Huffington Post and was named to “best podcasts” lists by USA Today, Buzzfeed, AV Club and more.

“Humor can open a door for a conversation about mental illness and begin the healing process,” said Donna Zimmerman, HealthPartners senior vice president for government and community relations.   “The Make It OK campaign works to reduce the stigma of mental illnesses and we are delighted to be able to reach new audiences this season with messages of hope and recovery.”

Produced by American Public Media (APM), the show is sponsored in part by HealthPartners Make it OK campaign. Learn more about APM’s podcast network at apmpodcasts.org.

Listen to “The Hilarious World of Depression” on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, NPR One, Spotify, RadioPublic or at The Hilarious World of Depression website. Follow @johnmoe and @thwod on Twitter.