In Deep Brings the State of Water Systems to the Surface Aug. 5

New podcast form APM’s The Water Main asks all Americans:
“Do you know where your water’s been?”

Photo: Ben Hethcoat | The Water Main

ST. PAUL, Minn., July 29, 2020 – A new podcast from American Public Media (APM) will soon immerse listeners in the history, systems, and policies of one of our most precious resources. Produced by APM’s water initiative, The Water Main, In Deep explores the labyrinth of how our water is cleaned, managed, and delivered – from toilet to tap. 

Former Marketplace sustainability reporter Jed Kim and a team of reporters will take In Deep listeners across the United States – from Florida’s Tampa Bay to Chicago – to tell the stories of something we often take for granted: clean water.

A trailer is now available for early listening at

“Too often, our water is out of sight and out of mind, shunted around in mysterious networks below our feet. We take the cleanliness of our water for granted, and it’s only when water gets contaminated that we’re reminded how key those systems are to our survival,” said Kim. “These systems are fascinating, but they’re also aging. We wanted to show listeners how it all works and what’s required to keep it working.”

Launching Aug. 5, In Deep delivers the engrossing stories of how our water is not only delivered, but also how it’s kept clean. The reporting team will take listeners deep into wastewater treatment, toxic pipes and sewer networks. No need to pinch your nose – In Deep will bring this reporting directly to your headphones, including what sewage can tell us about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of climate change on water health and the state of funding for water infrastructure projects. 

Over the course of eight episodes, In Deep will feature conversations with water advocates, historians, scientists, politicians, and everyday citizens who know firsthand the importance of maintaining our water systems and the danger presented if they fail.


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