“Is it Evil?” Asks the New Binge-able Podcast from Marketplace

Podcast offers options to unlock a code to immediately listen to the next episode

Codebreaker_vert on black 4C(November 11, 2015)—New York — Marketplace, in partnership with Tech Insider, is launching its new podcast called Codebreaker, exploring themes at the intersection of technology, the Internet and culture. Unlike other podcasts, Codebreaker will be available for binge listening if listeners can unlock a code. Otherwise, it will come out weekly on Wednesdays.

Hosted by Ben Brock Johnson of American Public Media’s Marketplace Tech, Codebreaker will explore the question of, “Is it evil?” in this premiere season. This question will be asked about a piece of technology or a facet of the internet in each episode. Through original reporting, interviews, stories and discussions with other tech enthusiasts, this sound-rich and tightly produced show will engage listeners to tune into the technology in  their lives and examine how it relates to them for good or evil or maybe both.

“I’m excited to bring something new and different to the tech podcasting space. There are great options out there for those who want news or gadget reviews–including our daily show Marketplace Tech,” say Johnson. “Codebreaker is more focused on asking deeper questions about technology and doing longer reporting on how it’s affecting us. We try to do that with a sense of awe, a sense of humor, and sometimes, yes, a sense of dread.”

Just as people binge-watch television, starting today, on November 11th, listeners will get to binge-listen to Codebreaker by becoming decoders themselves. Using clues provided throughout the episode, they can go to http://www.codebreaker.codes/ and unlock the code to start listening to the next episode. However, each new episode will still be available for download every Wednesday if listeners do not partake in codebreaking.

“If we can binge-watch television while it is in its golden age, then why not binge-listen to podcasts?” adds Johnson. “The codebreaking or puzzle-solving aspect lets us connect with listeners in a fun way that we think is unique. We think anybody who loves doing the crossword, sudoku, or challenging their brain a little bit to get a prize will enjoy cracking the codes with us. If you get to the end, you just might find out what we’ve got in store for season two!”

Codebreaker also draws on reporting from the newsroom at Tech Insider, a new site from Business Insider focusing on technology, science, culture and innovation.

“We’re thrilled to work with the team at Marketplace and to try our hand at podcasts. Codebreaker will definitely change how a lot of people look at tech,” said Gus Lubin, Editor-in-chief of Tech Insider.

Tech Insider will complement each episode through multimedia stories, videos or features, in addition to editorial contributions to many episodes.

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