Marketplace Launches Interactive Tool to Share Tips on Saving Energy In Everyday Life

Contact: Jacqueline Cartier
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Marketplace Launches Interactive Tool to Share Tips on Saving Energy In Everyday Life

“The Green Tip & Trade” on features insights from NRDC, Dwell Magazine, Make Magazine, Sierra Club, your neighbors and more

Los Angeles, CA – (November 29, 2010) – Public radio’s Marketplace is helping listeners improve their own environmental routines as the United Nations Climate Change Conference gathers in Cancun this week. The program’s Sustainability Desk has created “The Green Tip & Trade” – a wealth of simple tips from national experts, radio listeners and you on how to reduce energy and water use and our overall personal environmental impacts on the world we live in.

The tips are focused on energy use in the home, in schools, in the workplace, in food production, and in recreational and travel activities. Users can search each category, add their own conservation tips, and participate in discussions on what measures are most effective and why.

“The Green Tip & Trade” has already garnered the participation of environmental leadership organizations and DIY publications. Tips include, “Don’t pay to heat the outdoors. Seal and insulate your home to keep warm air inside,” from the Natural Resource Defense Council. Dwell magazine says, “Build walls with dirt. The walls absorb heat slowly during the day, and release it incrementally in the evening which cuts down on energy consumption.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers tips on growing green grass “the right way,” and American Wasteland author Jonathan Bloom simply says, “Donít Stuff Your Fridge.” To learn more about these tips, discover others, and contribute your own, visit

In association with “The Green Tip & Trade”, Marketplace will be airing periodic stories about solutions that small businesses and corporations are pursuing to lessen their environmental impacts. Individual submissions to “The Green Tip & Trade” may also be included in Marketplace radio broadcasts.