Marketplace On-Air Staff Available to Speak about Nation’s Financial Crisis

Contact: Brad Robideau

(651) 290-1113

Marketplace On-Air Staff Available to Speak about Nation’s Financial Crisis

(Los Angeles, Calif.) October 6, 2008—Members of American Public Media’s Marketplace news team, providing the program’s comprehensive coverage of “Fallout: America’s Financial Crisis,” are available for interviews on the current financial crisis and other stories you may be developing on business, economics and personal finance news. Please contact Brad Robideau at 651-290-1113 or to schedule interviews.

Marketplace is an award-winning portfolio of business programs (Marketplace, Marketplace Money and Marketplace Morning Report) that provides public radio audiences a smart, witty take on the state of the global economy and how it relates to them. The “business show for the rest of us” breaks down the impact of the week’s major national and international stories on our world and on our wallets. The only national business news programs that originate from the West Coast, the Marketplace portfolio is heard by more than 8 million listeners each week, more than any other business program on radio or television. Marketplace is on the Web at

The Marketplace team

Kai Ryssdal has been covering the U.S. and global economies for Marketplace for more than seven years. He has hosted all three programs in the Marketplace portfolio (Marketplace, Marketplace Money and Marketplace Morning Report) and has led their coverage during live broadcasts from Wall Street, China and the Middle East. His keen ear and experienced insights are critical in helping listeners understand the often confusing—but always critical—business and economic stories that happen every day.

Tess Vigeland is a familiar voice to Marketplace listeners and a longtime public radio veteran, both as a reporter and host. In her role hosting Marketplace Money, Vigeland specializes in taking high finance down to the very personal level. It’s all about how Wall Street and the economy affect your wallet and your bank account. As the financial crisis of 2008 unfolded, she has profiled homeowners walking away from foreclosed homes and white-collar workers who found themselves at a food pantry for the first time. Vigeland has also helped guide listeners through a forest of financial gobbledygook to understand why the meltdown has landed on their doorsteps. As the show’s call-in portion promises, Tess “gets personal.”

Chris Farrell brings more than 25 years of experience in economics and personal finance journalism to Marketplace Money. In addition to his central role on the show, he serves as the personal finance expert on Marketplace Morning Report. He’s also contributing editor at BusinessWeek magazine. Farrell’s latest book, Deflation: What Happens When Prices Fall, was just published by HarperBusiness. He is writing a new book tentatively titled The New Frugality. Farrell’s expertise is grasping the macro links between the capital markets and the economy, then translating that understanding into everyone’s personal finance concerns.

Amy Scott is Marketplace‘s New York bureau chief. Her reporting focuses on the financial markets, with an emphasis on the culture of Wall Street. She is available to speak about the roots of the current financial crisis and the impact on Wall Street. In the coming days, Scott will join Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland on a nationwide tour to cover the impact of the financial crisis on Main Street USA. Scott joined Marketplace in 2001 and has reported on everything from the post-Enron corporate reforms to the national political conventions in 2004 to the subprime mortgage meltdown and current financial crisis.

John Dimsdale is Marketplace‘s Washington, D.C. bureau chief. A veteran Washington journalist, he covers the intersection of money and politics. Dimsdale reports on the current financial crisis from Congress, the White House, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board. With 18 years of experience at Marketplace, he has reported on many of Washington’s major issues, including trade, energy, accounting scandals, interest rates and regulatory policy.

Stephen Beard reports on financial and economic policy from Marketplace‘s London bureau. With his deep expertise in European affairs, Beard covers the international repercussions of America’s current financial crisis from the world’s other top financial center. A radio journalist for more than 30 years, Beard has worked with several international media organizations, including the BBC and Germany’s Deutsche Welle radio network, and his assignments have included reporting from throughout Europe, as well as the Middle East, China, Australia, Malaysia and India.