Marketplace Presents “Politics Inside Out” Podcast

Pop-up Podcast will cover the conventions through
the lens of Insiders & Outsiders

(JulPrinty 15, 2016)– LOS ANGELES– Marketplace will produce a two-week “pop-up” podcast as part of its coverage of the Republican and Democratic national conventions, starting on Monday, July 18, in Cleveland. As both parties have seen internal tensions play out between “insiders and outsiders” this cycle , the stale divisions of “left versus right” and “big government versus small” are gone. This daily podcast will take the modern lens of “outsiders versus insiders” to examine questions from who is being left out of the economy or government,  to who are the winners and losers in this global economy, and how people’s lives are affected by their level of access to political power. Rather than just focus on play-by-play convention coverage, Marketplace believes that focusing on the human aspect of politics and socio-economic issues will deepen listeners’ understanding of why this “outsider versus insider” dynamic has so forcefully come to fruition.

According to Washington, DC Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook, “Our latest Marketplace-Edison Research poll shows that most Americans think the economy is rigged. Put that perception together with increasing income inequality and you get an insider versus outsider view of political and economic systems.” Seabrook says, “We want to push ourselves and our stories out of the convention bubble, and bring Americans’ questions in. Marketplace aims to both describe this generational shift in politics and economics, and work to bridge it.

“Politics Inside Out” is an eight to ten minute podcast produced by Marketplace and hosted by Seabrook. It will include interviews at the conventions, conversations with Marketplace hosts including Kai Ryssdal and David Brancaccio, and real-time observations from DC reporters Nancy Marshall-Genzer and Kimberly Adams.