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June 25, 2014; Washington, D.C. – In a move signaling public media’s shared commitment to its audience, NPR and American Public Media announced an agreement today that will make APM’s Marketplace Morning Report a daily feature during NPR’s Morning Edition newsmagazine. The change will take place in the fall.

"The agreement represents a new era of collaboration in public radio. There are no other media institutions that offer audiences what we can,” said Margaret Low Smith, NPR’s senior vice president for news . “Marketplace Morning Report offers a natural complement to Morning Edition’s in-depth national and international coverage.”

“This is a positive reflection of our industry’s future,” said Deborah Clark, Marketplace vice president and executive producer. “This is a good development for everybody, especially the audience.”

Many public radio stations already include Marketplace Morning Report during broadcasts of Morning Edition and the change will be seamless for listeners. For the past 25 years, Marketplace Morning Report’s proven passion and expertise for this beat has brought an original voice and comprehensive coverage to business reporting.

About NPR’s Morning Edition

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Marketplace® is produced and distributed by American Public Media™ (APM), one of the largest producers and distributors of public radio programming in the world with a portfolio reaching more than 18 million listeners via more than 900 radio stations nationwide each
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