Public Insight Network

The Public Insight Network® at American Public Media (APM) was created in 2003 to bring more voices to newsgathering and, in doing so, to make journalism more inclusive, collaborative and community-focused.

At the heart of PIN®, is a network of citizen sources who share their insights, life experiences and first-hand knowledge with journalists they trust. Source contributions are captured in a robust, secure, searchable database which allows journalists to pose questions to sources based on demographics, geography, expertise or interests. PIN® can be a useful source-finder on deadline. But it’s most powerful when used early in the reporting process to test hunches, unearth angles, provide important context, even reveal the right questions to ask in the first place. Some contributors end up in stories on air, in print or online; others help journalists get at the heart of a story. Nothing a contributor shares is ever published without that person’s explicit permission.

Winner of several innovation awards, PIN® provides APM journalists with the mindset and the toolset to connect more deeply and build trust with the communities they serve. It gives individuals a meaningful way to inform and improve news coverage. And it strengthens the capacity of both to create more authentic, complete, accurate and constructive narratives that help communities to thrive.

What you can expect by joining PIN®:

  • E-mails, phone calls or text messages asking for your insight on issues that are or should be in the news; you respond only if you have knowledge or insights to share, or forward to a friend with relevant experience in the topic.
  • An occasional follow-up call or e-mail to get more information.
  • Confidentiality: You will not be quoted without your permission. See privacy policy.
  • An open line for you to tell journalists and news organizations what stories are important to you, your family and your community, and help them set coverage priorities.
  • An occasional invitation to newsroom-related events in your area.
  • No spam, marketing calls, or requests for money.
  • You may be called on to help with stories through Minnesota Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio, or American Public Media national programs, such as Marketplace, APM Reports or Brains On!

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