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Swell evolves the terrestrial radio model with curated, personalized content
from NPR, APM, ABC, top iTunes podcasts, and more

San Francisco, June 27, 2013—The news and talk radio experience hasn’t changed since we tuned in using knobs and dials. Today, Swell introduces radio rebooted: a new mobile listening experience for news and information that learns what you like as you listen. Like Pandora, content is streamed based on listener preferences and behavior. Swell is launching with content partnerships with NPR, American Public Media (creators of Marketplace), and ABC News, along with content from top iTunes podcasts such as the BBC, CBC, Comedy Central, TED Talks, and more.

Swell’s vision is to elevate the radio experience with a listener focused recommendation algorithm, delivering curated news and information that learns as you listen so it’s always giving you the most individually tailored and relevant content. The more you listen, the more finely tuned the recommendations become, rewarding the smart and curious with quality content that keeps them informed and entertained.

“At NPR we think custom listening is a great experience that will be enjoyed and sought by many people,” said Zach Brand, VP NPR Digital Media. “We are excited about our partnership with Swell and in finding more ways to extend the public radio conversation.”

“Swell provides fast, easy access to quality streaming content with zero effort. Our algorithms effortlessly connect listeners to content given their preferences and the wisdom of the community,” said Ram Ramkumar, co-founder and CEO of Swell. “In the US alone, commuters spend over 500 million hours per week getting to and from work. People often feel disconnected or bored when driving, exercising, or in the kitchen, and terrestrial radio doesn’t give people any choice or control over time and place. Swell solves this problem. We respect the time people choose to spend with us.”

Swell is the quickest way to discover and listen, with no setup or complex menus – just hit play, lean back, and Swell brings personalized, quality content your way.

“We are thrilled to provide our national business and economy flagship show, Marketplace, and other content on this new mobile listening service,” said Mike Reszler, VP of Digital Content at APM. “We look forward to serving our expanding audience base with great partners like Swell.”

Social sharing is a key component of the experience as well. Swell makes it easy to share your favorite content with friends, so you can discover and listen together.

Other features include:

  • Unlimited free listening & skips
  • Fast, convenient access to quality content
  • Bookmarking and access to content history
  • Wi-Fi only or offline mode
  • Bluetooth and Airplay support

Swell is available for free on iOS devices and will soon be available on Android. For more information please visit www.swell.am.

About Swell
Swell was founded in 2012 by G.D. (Ram) Ramkumar, Keshav Menon and Dominic Hughes, experienced repeat entrepreneurs, Computer Science Ph.D.s, and researchers from Stanford. Members of the Swell (Concept.io) team were co-creators of pioneering mobile application SnapTell, acquired by Amazon in 2009. Swell’s mission is to be the world’s most relevant and easy-to-use audio news service, bringing the listener the content they want to hear most, wherever they are. Swell strives to inform and entertain listeners by serving content that matches their interest profile.

For more information, please visit www.swell.am.