Tales of Corporate Catastrophe Continue in Spectacular Failures Season Two

ST. PAUL, Minn., July 20, 2020 — American Public Media’s business podcast Spectacular Failures– a show on corporate business disasters- hosted by Lauren Ober returns for its second season on August 3.

Listen to the trailer of Spectacular Failures season two here. To support the show and get early access to the first two episodes, donate by July 23 at spectacularfailures.org/donate.

The new season of Spectacular Failures brings listeners fresh stories of business flops – ranging from the criminal to the absurd – through Ober’s signature narrative style, interviews and original in-depth reporting.

Ober is a charming storyteller whose curiosity about the causes of the biggest business blunders and breakdowns makes her an entertaining companion for audiences. In a genre that is often dominated by male voices, Ober lends her unique perspective to give listeners a fresh look at the stories she covers.  She shines a light on how these business stories are also human stories and shows how at the end of the day, the rich and powerful are just as fallible as the rest of us.

The season premiere dives into a current business that has a shot at not being a “spectacular failure” — Blue Apron. The company struggled to keep its cost in check and to keep the dwindling customer base it had; plus, there were all the other meal delivery companies to compete with. But then COVID-19 struck. The closure of restaurants and the increased interest in home cooked meals gave the company new life, and its stock price jumped. Listen to Ober follow the company in real time and find out if Blue Apron is making the most of its unlikely lifeline.

Spectacular Failures will also dive into the retro glamour days of air travel on Pan Am; the nation’s largest dairy processor Dean Foods going belly up; Forever 21 closing up shop due to the changing whims of teens and the rise of online shopping; and many other stories of corporate tragedy that can’t be missed.

“With all the economic unease caused by the current pandemic, Spectacular Failures provides both entertainment and deeply needed perspective on the historical causes of business failures” said APM’s Lauren Dee, executive producer of Spectacular Failures. “These stories of human failure and corporate missteps provide context for the economic issues we are dealing with today. Fortunately, the show tells these tales in a way that anyone can understand and enjoy, no MBA needed.”

Listeners can find Spectacular Failures on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms. Learn more at www.spectacularfailures.org and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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