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The Water Main aims to bring people together, move conversations forward and create meaningful connections that help sustain clean, abundant water for all.

Citizen Science: Pop-up

Citizen Science: Pop-up winter salt lab lets you be the scientist

Minnesota dumps some 730 million pounds of salt on roadways each winter, and it’s posing a major risk to our soil and waterways. How do we know? Find out for yourself at the Citizen Science Winter Salt Lab. Between noon and 4 p.m. on Feb. 19 (President’s Day), bring a melted snow or ice sample to the lab, located in the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Road salt

Learn more about the effects of winter salt on our water

Melted snow and ice carry all the chloride dumped on our winter roadways into our lakes, rivers and streams. Learn why that’s a problem and how you can help.

Water and Faith

How do water and faith intersect in your life?

The Water Main is exploring the intersection of water and faith, and what that means to you. Whether yours is a story of creation, ritual, renewal, service or solace, please share it. Your experiences and perspectives will help us understand the common and not-so-common ways we relate to water in our everyday lives.

Snow Plow

Share your water & (life) story

The Water Main is collecting personal stories about water so that we may better understand its significance in our lives. Please share yours.

As people ask questions, from quality to regulations to usage, MPR News answers! What are you curious to know about water?

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