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The Water Main connects Americans to understand the value of water in our lives. We do this as a new hub for dialogue, reporting, convening, research and engagement at American Public Media. We aim to bring people together across political, cultural, social and economic divides to mobilize new thinking and action that secures clean, abundant, accessible water for all.

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Flyover from MPR News

Mississippi River

This summer the Water Main is partnering with MPR host Kerri Miller, MPR News, New Orleans Public Radio, and Iowa Public Radio to produce a special week of live call-in shows under the Flyover banner. The week-long special will look at the Mississippi River and how it influences the economy, culture and environment of the communities along its path.

imagine a day without water

2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum

What would it be like if you turned on your kitchen faucet and nothing came out? Hundreds of organizations around the country are asking Americans to envision that kind of possibility as part of the 4th annual “Imagine a Day Without Water,” October 10th. To mark the day, we’re bringing you a discussion looking at threats to — and conflicts over — the world’s fresh water supplies.

Water Drop
The Water Main

How Americans Relate to Water

To shed light on this question, The Water Main partnered with the APM Research Lab, the research arm of American Public Media, and Wilder Research to conduct this national study that asked Americans just that.

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Become a Water Detective

Water is weird, wonderful and worth protecting! One thing we can all do to keep our water is safe is get to know it better, so The Water Main is teaming up with our friends at Brains On and Earth Echo International to help kids learn all about the water in the world around them.

Know Water Know Beer – Duluth

Duluth is known for Lake Superior, but how does the great lake impact the quality and taste of beer brewed in the city? Join MPR host Dan Kraker for a conversation with brewers that takes a different approach to water quality conversations in Minnesota. The event is free, but tickets are required.

Climate Cast Live

Climate Cast Live

In April, Paul Huttner hosted a live, wide-ranging discussion on all things climate change. One way people experience the changing climate most intensely is through the water. From flooding to drought, climate change is causing big problems for people around the world.

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The Water Main and Brains On will host pop-up engagement events in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. Thanks to generous support from HB Fuller and 3M, these pop-up engagement events will include distribution of free Water Challenge Test Kits and Brains On Water Detective Badges!


Minnesota Zoo

Wednesday, July 25th from 11:00am-1:00pm CT

Wednesday, August 22nd from 11:00am-1:00pm CT

The Minnesota Zoo is committed to serving all Minnesotans and ensuring that economic circumstances are not obstacles to experiencing everything that the Minnesota Zoo has to offer. Free to Explore provides free admission for a qualifying guest and their dependents.


Rondo Days

Saturday, July 21st

Rondo Avenue, Inc. (RAI) is dedicated to preserving, conserving and accurately interpreting the contributions of the African-American community of Rondo. This community was destroyed by the construction of Interstate I-94 in the late 1960’s.

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